Wood Finish Options for your Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Kitchen Cabinets_Angel's Pro CabinetrySo, you have wood cabinets in your kitchen. You want to change the look, but you want to keep your wood kitchen cabinetry intact. What should you do? The great thing about wood is that it always has a natural appeal and it can easily adapt. All you need to do here is choose the right kind of finish and your kitchen cabinets will look good as new.

Different kinds of wood look better in a specific finish. For instance, cherry wood looks best with a deep stain. Now there are different kinds of wood kitchen cabinetry finishes: natural, stained, painted, glazed, crackled, speckled, and distressed. To help you decide which finish will be ideal for your kitchen cabinets, let’s take a look at the different wood finishes.

  1. Natural. The natural finish means that there are no paints, stains, or toner applied to the wood material. The only thing used is a top coat to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. So if you simply want to enhance the appearance of your wood kitchen cabinetry, go for the natural finish.

Stained. The stained finish varies a lot. You can choose from light to dark and from transparent to opaque. You can adjust the saturation. However, do know that the combination of stain and wood color affects the end result. For maple wood, medium to dark stains may look blotchy but such combination looks good with cherry wood.

Painted. The painted finish is applying paint over the wood. There is a wide array of choices for this color; it will really depend on you. Usually, the best wood species that can be painted over are maple and birch.
Glazed. The glazed finish is quite a favorite wood kitchen cabinetry finish. It’s not really a primary finish, but it’s great for accent colors you may want to add. Glazed finish is often used to highlight details on the edges, grooves, and routing. You can also choose between a dry or wet glazed finish. Wet mixes with the stain, while the dry creates a separate layer.
Crackled. The crackled wood finish is more like an extra effect. The process involves applying a chemical on the paint before the paint dries out. The crackled effect is like a worn out finish.

Speckled. The speckled wood finish is also another extra effect. Different colored paints are splattered on the wood kitchen cabinetry surface to achieve a speckled pattern.

Distressed. Distressed is about making the wood surface look imperfect or adding a distressed look. Some techniques are rasping, sanding, adding dents, worm holes, and dings.

Just looking at this list, you can see that you don’t need to replace your wood kitchen cabinets. Rather, you just need to choose the right finish and effect to make it look like new.