Tampa Cabinets for Kitchens

Tampa Cabinets for Kitchens

Installing new custom kitchen cabinets is a huge undertaking, and something most homeowners will only do once. The process is inconvenient and expensive, but if the job is done right, the end result is well worth the effort. The key is to learn as much as possible about cabinets beforehand, and decide precisely what you want before work begins.

Storage is Critical

At first blush, the most important feature of new kitchen cabinets will probably be their appearance. This makes since, as cabinets are the most obvious furnishing in an entire kitchen. But be sure to give due consideration to storage space. Dishes and other items will be taken in and out of the cabinets every day. If the cabinets are designed with insufficient or awkward storage space, you may soon detest your new cabinets, regardless of how beautiful they look from a distance.

Add an Island

Kitchen cabinet islands are incredibly useful. Doors on the sides of an island provide access to additional storage space, and the countertop can make a big difference when preparing meals that require lots of workspace. From an aesthetic standpoint, islands spread the wood colors of the kitchen’s décor more evenly throughout the room. Instead of only the upper and base cabinets matching, the island fills out the kitchen and ties together all of the custom woodwork. Directly above the island is also a great place to install hanging storage units for pots and pans.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

After deciding to install new kitchen cabinets, the first consideration should be the cabinet style. This is because the design layout, door type, wood choice, and all the other attributes of the cabinets depend first and foremost on the cabinets’ styling. Homeowners looking for a sleek, minimalist approach will be drawn to a contemporary style. For a warmer feel, consider an antique, traditional, or even cottage style. And for those who seek a modern appearance and plan to indulge in the finest accessories, a luxury cabinet style will be best.

Soft Close Hinges

Soft close hinges operate so that kitchen drawers and cabinet doors close without slamming. From the fully opened position, a cabinet door will close nearly all of the way with no resistance. Then, when the front of the door is several inches from impacting the cabinet face frame, the hinges produce a dampening effect. The door slows down and gently comes to a rest in the closed position. Not only does this reduce wear and tear, but it gives the cabinets an elegant feel.

Glass Panel Doors

For some kitchens, solid wood cabinet doors are an appropriate choice. But before approving the plans for your new kitchen, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of glass panel doors. These wood doors feature transparent panes so you can view the contents of a cabinet, and guests will have an easier time locating dishes. These doors are also lighter making them easier to open. Glass panel doors look great in kitchens with bright color schemes, and many types of textured glass panes are available.