Popular Kitchen Designs and Layouts You Can Use in Your Kitchen

kitchen18Is this your first time to remodel your home’s kitchen? You’re probably overwhelmed with all the kitchen designs and layouts available. Where do you start? How do you choose?

For the most part, making a decision is more about your personal preference. What kitchen designs do you really like? What will look good in your kitchen? What will match the interior of your home? To give you an idea of the popular designs and layouts, here are some of them:

Modern Kitchens

More and more homeowners are updating the look of their homes. Modern kitchens are very popular today for two reasons. First, they are minimalistic and simple; and second, they are highly functional.

Modern kitchen designs feature sleek and stylish kitchen, but keeps everything minimalist. They are composed of simple and basic furnishings, mostly made of stainless steel or wood. Colors range from very bright to very dark; mostly white and black, or white and dark brown. Modern kitchens are also accentuated with shiny metals.

Classic Kitchens

If your home’s look is more of traditional, then you should go for the classic kitchen design — one that you see in American and European Homes in the 18th to 20th century. Compared to modern kitchen designs, the classic kitchen design is heavy on ornamentation.

The overall look is heavier, as kitchen cabinets are often made of hardwood in dark stains. Kitchen cabinets have intricate designs too with brass, chrome or bronze handles. Usually, classic kitchens have less space than modern kitchens due to its elaborate furnishing.

Country-Style Kitchen

Country-style kitchens are what you see in countryside homes. The design is warm and cozy. Homes that will compliment country-style kitchens are those with a homey feel. These homes usually have classic patterns and floral designs on the walls. As for the kitchen floors, it is made of wooden planks. Think of a Martha Stewart style home. That’s how a country-style kitchen looks like.

Every kitchen design has its own elements and best features. It will boil down to what you really want and what will fit your home the most. But before you make a decision in remodeling your kitchen, think hard about the design and layout that will be convenient to you and your family. You’ll be very busy in the kitchen and the least you’d want is working in a cramped one.

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