Make Space with These Kitchen Designs Ideas

kitchen8Working in a small kitchen can restrict traffic. It can slow you down and you’ll feel like you always have to battle your way in getting from point A to B. Nevertheless, it’s the only kitchen you have and we all have to work with what we have.

Fortunately, there are so many kitchen designs that you can try out to maximize the space that’s there.

Go Vertical. Small space kitchen designs always encourage you to maximize the space above you. Since there is no other space to work with, you start working your way up. Start by stacking your cabinets instead of keeping them on the floor. Just make sure you can still reach them or have a way to get to them effectively and safely.

High Ceiling. If you already have a high ceiling kitchen, then this will work for you. The good thing about a high ceiling kitchen is that it has already created a more spacious appearance. But to enhance the space further, keep your boards open or use sliding cabinet doors to avoid the hassle of opening and ducking the cabinet doors.

Simple. Small kitchen designs are about always keeping it simple because the more stuff you have, the more cluttered the kitchen will look like. If you’re working with a really tiny kitchen, put a mirrored backsplash for the illusion of space and use an electric cook top that can also be your countertop to save space. Stick to simple cabinets.

Chairs without Arms. Is your kitchen connected to where your family dines? Replace your chairs with pieces that are void of arms. You free a lot of space between people and furniture. Not only will this make the space look bigger, but it also removes the hassle of getting in and out of the chair with the tiny space you have.

Open Shelves. Add the illusion of space by using open shelves instead. However, if you feel uncomfortable with open shelves, we suggest sliding doors.

Match Chair with Walls. When working with a small space, it’s better to keep things uniform or blended. So match your chairs with the color of the walls. Also, use tools that you can keep under the countertop to save space.

Mirrors. Adding mirrors in any space always creates the illusion of spaciousness especially in bathrooms. Add mirrors in your kitchen or put a mirrored backsplash. Glass cabinets are good too.

We hope these small space kitchen designs will help you bring out more space in your tiny kitchen. Even if you don’t add or remove things, making certain changes will do the trick. Further, it will make you feel a lot better working in your kitchen too.