Kitchen Remodeling Tampa

Kitchen Remodeling Tampa

Kitchen remodeling involves more than picking out appliances. If this will be your first remodeling experience, be prepared to make a large number of decisions, each requiring a fair amount of research. Your cabinetmakers and other contractors will be available to assist, but there is no substitute for gaining your own knowledge of the various design options and construction techniques involved. If you’re searching for kitchen remodeling Tampa contractors look no further! Angel’s Pro Cabinetry can redesign your kitchen today.

Custom Cabinet Molding

Molding consists of contoured strips of wood installed along the seam where the ceiling and walls come together. Installation requires precise cuts, so that corner joints are flush and exact. Like other remodeling finishes, molding is ornamental and by no means necessary. At the same time, the classic look of cabinet molding never fails to add a distinctive look that enhances the appearance of the entire kitchen. Molding is available in several styles. Crown molding is by far the most popular.

Preserve your Existing Layout to Save Money

It costs a great deal of money to relocate cabinets, sinks, and appliances. You may need to install new plumbing and electrical wiring, and flooring will need to be ripped up and replaced. By keeping your existing layout, and simply upgrading your kitchen features, you can save thousands of dollars. Think of it this way – the money you save can be used to purchase high-end countertops or other items you could not otherwise afford.

Add Some Color

Homeowners have a tendency to become so focused on one or two color tones that they end up with rather bland results. Kitchens with dark wood cabinetry and stainless steel appliances are extremely popular, as are kitchens with all-white décors. In either case, the remodeling work may be handled beautifully, and yet something seems to be missing. That something is color. Modest amounts of vibrant color awaken the atmosphere of a kitchen. If you fear your new kitchen will be a bit dull, try adding a brightly colored backsplash or tile accents to liven things up.

Keep Main Appliances in Close Proximity

Here is another place where too much creativity during the planning stage of a remodel can lead to problems. The kitchen’s most often used appliances – the refrigerator, sink, stove, and dishwasher – should all be within a convenient distance of each other. If it will take more than one or two steps to walk from the sink to the dishwasher, it is time to rethink your layout. And as a general rule, the sink should always be located between the refrigerator and stove.

Find Ways to Utilize Wasted Space

Even in large kitchens, wasted space is an indicator of poor design. If your base cabinets have too much empty space on either side of the sink plumbing, or if you do not have storage cabinets above your refrigerator, remodeling your kitchen provides an opportunity to address these issues. Corner base cabinets are the most common culprit when it comes to wasted space. Lazy susans are designed to solve this problem, and if you find lazy susans difficult to use, there are a variety of pull-out shelf alternatives.