Kitchen Designs Tampa

Kitchen Designs Tampa

The design stage of a kitchen construction project is when the ultimate appearance of the new kitchen begins to take shape. To some extent, the design options will be limited by the existing contours of the room. But with some creative thinking (and perhaps some plumbing and electrical work), a kitchen layout can be designed to meet the objectives of every homeowner. This is why Angel’s Pro Cabinetry is known for the best kitchen designs Tampa has to offer.

Start Planning Early

If you find yourself without the time to thoroughly plan the design of your new kitchen, it is a good idea to put the project on hold until you do. Like starting a journey without a map, undertaking a kitchen construction project without sufficient planning is sure to lead to frustration. Plus, the planning stage should be enjoyable. This is an opportunity for homeowners to spend time together visiting showrooms, looking at interior design magazines, and surfing the web for ideas. Here is a tip – keep a planning journal to track your design ideas so you can reference them later when discussing your project with the builder.

Layouts for Small Spaces

Efficiency apartments and condominiums are popular for lots of reasons, but kitchen space is not one of them. For the design-savvy owner, this actually presents an opportunity. A small home with a functional and space-saving kitchen will make it stand out from the many small homes that do not. A galley style layout will typically work best. In a galley kitchen, appliances and countertops run the length of two walls, parallel and opposite to each other, with a walk-through area down the middle. Open or glass cabinet doors, recessed storage areas, and a light color scheme will also help make the kitchen seem larger than it is.

Layouts for Larger Rooms

More square footage in the kitchen means a greater number of layout options. Among the most popular is the L-shaped kitchen. With this design, one leg of the kitchen runs along a wall, and the other leg extends out into the room, partially enclosing the space. Barstools can be placed along the far side of the leg extending out from the wall, allowing people sit and visit with the cook while meals are prepared. Adding an additional length of countertop will turn the layout into a horseshoe kitchen, another popular design for large spaces. And with either layout, an island can be added for even more storage and counter area.

The Importance of Universal Appeal

When kitchen designs go wrong, oftentimes it is because the homeowners infuse too many of their unique design ideas into the layout. On one hand, this is understandable. It can take years or even decades of hard work and saving to afford a custom kitchen. When the time comes, owners will be eager to make every inch of the kitchen reflect their personal tastes. Unfortunately, this may result in a quirky design that appeals to the owners and no one else. To maximize home resale value and to make the most of your kitchen investment, make sure to get objective input from friends and design professionals.