Fish Hawk Kitchen Cabinets

Maximize Your Kitchen Space in Fish Hawk and Lithia, Fl

Whether your kitchen remodeling project is big or small, Angel’s Pro Cabinetry can help. Serving Fish Hawk and Lithia, Florida, the Angel’s Pro Cabinetry team can make your dream kitchen a reality. Whatever your budget, we can give your existing kitchen a facelift, or we can start from scratch to build you a kitchen of your dreams.

Creating Great Eats in a Small Space

You may have found that in a small living space, things can become overly complicated in the kitchen. Believe it or not, you can incorporate many amenities of a large kitchen in your tiny space as well. Here are a few ideas you can keep in mind to maximize space in your kitchen:

  • Going Up – If your home can manage tall ceilings, then stacking your kitchen cabinets may be just what you need to do. When you stack kitchen cabinets – or use taller cabinets – you make more room for food prep on your countertops. Stacking appliances is also a great idea in a small kitchen. Pairing your microwave and oven together can make more room for other important things such as a refrigerator or a sink. This could put you on your way to having a more functional kitchen.
  • Open Shelving – If décor and style mean more than function for you, then open shelving in a small kitchen space is for you. Instead of overhead kitchen cabinets, construct shelves to place things such as cups, colorful bowls and wine glasses will give your small space some pizzazz. When a small space is painted a light color, it can give the room a larger appearance. Another great idea to create space is to have a pull-out pantry. Custom Fish Hawk cabinets can be created that allow you to see all your tools and supplies and not lose valuable items in a poorly designed and ineffective kitchen cabinet.
  • Island Living – When your small kitchen is lacking in countertops, you can create more by adding an island. You can get the most function out your island by customizing it to include the oven, sink, cooktop and storage drawers. Wow! Now that is one island that you wouldn’t starve on! Kitchen islands can help make your small kitchen gain more functional square footage. Adding an electric cooktop in your small kitchen could double as counter space when not in use.

Give the illusion of a bigger kitchen by adding a mirror to the sink backsplash. And remember, painting the walls a light color can make any small space seem larger. Angel’s Pro Cabinetry will work with you to make the colors in your kitchen really pop.

Fish Hawk and Lithia, We Are Here For You

If you already have a plan in mind, or if you don’t know where to start, we are here to help make your kitchen cabinetry project as inconvenient as possible. Serving all of Hillsborough County, including Fish Hawk and Lithia, Angel’s Pro Cabinetry is a must for your kitchen design needs. The best cabinetry services in Fish Hark, Florida and surrounding area. Call 813-394-5985.