Cabinetry Magic: Refacing and Refinishing

Cream Kitchen Cabinets with lighting featuresCabinetry refers to your cabinets as a collective unit or as a whole. They are often found in the kitchen, bathroom, and parts of houses where a huge need for storage exists. After a few years, these cabinets may look old, worn, and torn which consequently make the whole house look old, worn, and torn, too. What few homeowners know is that they can dramatically change the look of their houses just by changing the look of their cabinets.
The Options
There are a number of options available today, with cabinetry replacement being the most expensive choice. However, if the cabinets are well-made and are still in good condition, refacing and refinishing may be the more cost-effective options.
Refacing cabinetry involves applying a new wood veneer or laminates to the cabinet bases. This process also includes installing new sets of doors and drawers.
Refacing your cabinetry provide you with new design options. You may also make your countertops and flooring follow a single coherent theme thanks to refacing. Buts most importantly, refacing improve the durability of kitchen cabinetry by lengthening its lifespan.
Refinishing cabinets, either by painting or staining, may be the most cost-effective of all as it offers the best return on your investment.
You can do a lot of changes to your kitchen cabinetry through refinishing. You may follow the latest trend of combining paints and stains in different areas of the same kitchen cabinets, or you may also stain cabinetry in two different colors. Cabinets in bold colors can be very exciting in the kitchen. Decorating magazines often show cabinets in spruce green, navy blue, and even weathered or faux finishes. Postal blue, light pastels, whisper gray, and sunny yellow can all create surprising results.
The Time Frame
A small to medium kitchen will take about three days. Larger ones will take from three to five days. For best results, make sure you hire a professional. Professionals in the cabinetry industry know how to maintain your kitchen cabinets properly to extend their lives. Remember, just as the painted wood work and doors in your home need periodic painting, so does your kitchen cabinetry.