Brighten Up Kitchen Cabinets in Inexpensive Ways

Is your kitchen starting to feel like a boring place to hang out in? If you realize that the kitchen ambiance is no longer working for you, you can do some kitchen remodeling without the expensive price tags. 

You can just start with the kitchen cabinets first, since they are fairly easy to improve given restrictions in budget. In fact, changing the cabinets will change the entire look of the kitchen and it is something you will be more than happy to settle for until there is budget for a complete kitchen remodeling project.

  • New hardware. Do you notice that your pulls and knobs are looking tarnished? Get some new ones that are inexpensive. You can find them if you are determined. This can easily improve the look of your kitchen cabinets.
  • New paint. Kitchen remodeling can be done without burning a hole in your pocket, if you choose to just paint first. The fact is that your kitchen may be looking dull or boring because of the outdated color. It may be time for a change. You can opt to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself. Buy paint, some sandpaper, and cleaner. However, do know that proper preparation is needed when repainting. If you don not know how, this can ruin your cabinetry. Hiring professionals may help you save time and money. In addition, keep colors light if you want the kitchen to appear more spacious. Sand every time you paint one coat, so the end product looks perfect. When painting doors, don’t turn it over unless the painted side is completely dry. More importantly, clean the cabinets completely before painting.
  • Add crown mold. Crown molding can do wonders on kitchen remodeling. Just put those on your old cabinets and it will add a new touch to them.
  • New glass inserts. What about changing the old glass on your cabinet doors? Decorative glass is a good addition. However, your cabinet doors should have a removable panel so you can insert the new glass.
  • LED Lights. Adding under-cabinet lights are expensive. If you really want lights, you can do away with peel-and-stick lights that are just battery powered. Best of all, these LED lights can last up to thousands of hours of usage.

How do these tips sound? Fairly easy right? Nevertheless, if you have the spare cash and want to make sure that your kitchen remodeling ends up great, you can always assign the task to a professional kitchen cabinet maker. This way, you don’t need to put in the effort and you are assured that your kitchen will look awesome.