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Brandon Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling Services

Do you envision a kitchen remodel in your future? Angel’s Pro Cabinetry is here to answer all your Brandon kitchen cabinetry questions. We work with only the highest-quality materials, so you can be confident that our work will be the very best for your kitchen remodel. Serving Hillsborough County, including Brandon, Florida, we can work together to create the kitchen of your dreams that won’t break the bank.

Universal Design Provides a Wider Appeal

Maybe you are wavering between remodeling the kitchen or keeping it as is. It could meet your needs, but you might not see yourself living in your current home for years and years to come. Why spend the money if you can’t enjoy it? Great question. Adding updates to your Brandon, Florida kitchen will add value to your home when you do decide to sell. Plus, if you go with a universal design, you may have a better chance of selling your home for the price you want. So what are some of those universal appeals that people want to see in their kitchen?

  • Keep Appliances Close – Let’s say that the island in your kitchen has the kitchen sink and the dishwasher is across the aisle along the wall parallel the sink. Does it seem logical for you to rinse your dishes then turn around and step across the kitchen floor to put the dripping dish into the dishwasher? Not at all. Dropping dirty water across the floor can not only be a slipping hazard but a nuisance to clean. Ideally, the sink and dishwasher are on the same side and only a step apart. The fridge, oven and cooktop should be close to each other and also be about a step apart. When putting a kitchen together, you want to think about what is going to be the most efficient and functional.
  • Islands – To island or not to island…Think island. People love islands. This is why kitchen carts are so popular. Often renters or those living more economically buy a low-cost kitchen cart that they take with them when they move. You can give the people what they want by installing a kitchen island. Maybe the cooktop stove could be in the island and you can bring in some stools for eating at the bar. Now this kitchen has just turned into an entertaining hub. Free up some counter space by using the island for multiple functions such as the oven or extra storage.
  • Add the Little Extras – Some of the very best add-ins can be what makes your kitchen most efficient. Pull-out cutting boards are ways to create extra space in your kitchen. Almost everyone can say that have lost something in the back of that extra long kitchen cabinet. Eliminate wasted space by using pull-out cabinets or roll-out drawers instead of extra-deep cabinets.

Keeping in mind universal likes and dislikes when to designing a kitchen will give your home the mass appeal you need for a speedy and successful sale. For all of your kitchen remodeling needs call Angels Pro Cabinetry today for your Brandon kitchen cabinets and more. We serve the entire Hillsborough County area. Call 813-394-5985 for more information on your exact remodeling needs.