Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen17There are limitless possibilities when it comes to color choices for your kitchen cabinets. But with the many options available out there, one needs to narrow down their best choices for the color of their new kitchen cabinets. To get the best look for your kitchen cabinets, you have to really think about what color palette you like and the current theme of your home. What are the colors that relax you and that set you in the right mood for cooking?


And that’s not all. You also have to consider the whole interior of the room. What will work with your kitchen furniture, your walls or your floors? It can really be a tough decision to make so here is a list of color choices to consider. Just something that will help you out in deciding and maybe, a few great ideas too.


  • Buttery Yellow- Buttery yellow is always a classic choice when painting your cabinets for the kitchen. It exudes warmth and hominess. This color easily blends with stained wood countertops and easy to match with touches of white to keep the ambiance fresh.
  • Black- Black is not a usual choice but it is a classic color that will easily mix with different colors. A good idea is to color your knobs bronze to keep the sophisticated and elegant look.
  • Bright Red- They say red entices eating so why not paint your kitchen cabinets bright red? It makes for a cheerful feel and it looks great with stainless steel appliances and white countertops.
  • Green- Light green is always a relaxing color, as it is the color of nature. It makes for a casual ambiance and looks good with warm wood accents, dark accents and black countertops. Using green also makes the kitchen look more spacious than it is.
  • Gray- Gray can be a bit dull for some people but it is also a relaxing color. Gray signifies an air of calm. To prevent your kitchen cabinets from appearing bland, add touches of yellow either as a highlight or border detail.
  • Blue-Green- Blue-green is what you should pick if you want a fresh look for your kitchen cabinets. If you want white marble countertops, blue-green will work well.
  • Stainless Steel- Not really a color, this has to be added in the list. If you’re someone who is contemporary and prefers the trendy kitchen, pick stainless steel cabinets. Then you can match it with an assortment of textures on your tiles or countertops.
  • Blue- Blue has always been a huge color of choice by many, that’s because it is easy to match and light on the eyes. Pair your blue cabinets with white walls and hardwood countertops.


Did this short list give you some good ideas for your kitchen cabinet colors? If you can’t picture them, you can always search for some sample photos online and assess if that’s what you really like. And when you’re decided, give a professional cabinetry company to do the paint job.